New smartphones we are waiting to see with excitement

The pace of smartphone moves so fast. In our article below, we will mention some phone that have not launched but it is worth waiting for them in 2021. Let see our list and find out which one you like.

We are living in a technology era. There is always something new on the list to be launched, such as new smartphones, new laptops, new smartwatch…Among them, the pace of smartphones moves so fast. Each year, there are a wide range of smartphone launched or on the manufacturing process. In our article below, we are pleased to update the list of upcoming smartphones with the credible and exciting information.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The next smartphone model of Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is the next generation of folding phones. Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 in September 2020. And now we are waiting for the next folding smartphone. 

Samsung’s folding smartphone

There was information that this model may be out on the market in June 2021. However, some people showed June is so soon for the next generation of folding phone. They are right. This phone may be out in August 2021 and released on the market in September, a month later. 

One UI 3.5 will be the software run on Galaxy Z Fold 3. Some rumors mentioned that that phone model has potential different capabilities and features. We can use Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a S Pen. Therefore, there will have some screen changes: the active electrostatic solution, the screen glass’s thickness. Compared with the latest phone – Galaxy Z Fold 2, glass may be twice thick. These changes are necessary to being suitable for using S Pen. And we will have a special phone camera – an in-screen camera. There has never been something like that before. Let wait and see!

Apple iPhone 13

Samsung’s opponent – Apple is making iOS’s fans excited because of the next iPhone. iPhone 12 was launched in September last year. So, we have reason to wait the upcoming iPhone in this September. Normally, Apple usually holds the event in the second week of September to introduce the new item. iPhone 13 may have the similar design of the latest iPhone. There are rumors mentioned that iPhone 13 will become the first smartphone without  notch. But we are not sure about that. We still can imagine how the FaceID work on a notch-less phone. 

Pink iPhone 13

It is likely that Apple’s next iPhone will continue being manufactured with OLED screen. Apple changed the screen size in 2020, so no reason to have another change related to iPhone 13’s screen size. FaceID and in-display fingerprint sensors may be the next change when launching iPhone 13.

Like iPhone 12, the next iPhone will offer 5G. This phone will run on the A15 chip and iOS 15 software. This software was previewed at the beginning of this June. 

Huawei Mate 50 Pro

One more upcoming smartphone is a product of Huawei – Huawei Mate 50 Pro. This phone is expected to be launched in autumn 2021. It may be October. Some people said that Huawei Mate 50 Pro will run with a huge battery, about 7000mAh battery. It leads to the change of phone size. In other words, we are waiting for a colossal phone. 

A smartphone of Huawei

Until now Huawei has been quiet about their next phone. So, we have not much information about this smartphone. All thing we know from rumors. Someone said that Huawei Mate 50 Pro will have an OLED 6.8-inch screen, Kirin 9000 SoC, 12GB RAM, and storage 512GB. This phone also has a dual front camera and another quad rear system.

We have no way to ensure that rumors are correct. In fact, Huawei is facing too many difficulties due to the aforementioned trade bans from America. This company lost its market outside the Chinese. They also failed in finding the alternative to Google’s service. But we still have the right to believe that Huawei is coming back in the shortest time. We will have a change for experience with Huawei’s next smartphone soon. 

Besides the upcoming smartphones mentioned above, technology’s fans are waiting for many different phones such as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE or iPhone SE Plus, Folding Google Pixel. There are many new things on the wings. Let wait and see!