Outstanding services of Amazon web service

The world is growing, Amazon is not only growing their e-commerce industry anymore. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding.

AWS – Amazon Web Services has long been considered a “leader” in deploying a cloud computing service platform. Its market share is larger than that of the next four competitors, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Alibaba combined. As a cloud service grows like that, what popular services does Amazon Web Services have? Come find out with us in the article below!

Amazon Web Services Overview

Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s most comprehensive cloud platform. It offers more than 170 services and is widely used worldwide. These services include many of the most advanced, state-of-the-art features from Amazon data centers around the world.

Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s most comprehensive cloud platform

This website has hundreds of millions of customers, individuals and organizations, from startups to multinational corporations. In addition, administrative agencies, governments all trust AWS very much. The use of this technology helps them save a lot on costs, make production easier, faster, and much more modernized.

AWS has worldwide network coverage. It has 69 regions located in 22 geographical regions across nearly 150 different countries on continents. Each region is equipped with a high-speed, high-bandwidth, low-latency data connection system. All of them always have a backup network to handle unexpected situations and incidents.

Popular Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world. It offers over 165 full-featured services from data centers around the world. There are many customers who believe in Amazon’s ability to control and provide services. They also think that using Amazon web services is the best way to save money.

Amazon Web Services is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world

Here are the main services that Amazon Web Services offers:

  • Compute: All calculations and predictions of this website are guaranteed to be highly accurate. Every calculation is done in detail on many bases.
  • Storage: Powerful storage engine. Can host large workloads.
  • Networking and Content Delivery: Deliver network and content intelligently. All are tailored to each user.
  • Management Tools: Accurate and rigorous management tools.
  • Developer Tools: powerful development tools that bring many new changes.
  • Analysis: Save money on analysis at petabyte scale. Job latency is only a few seconds. Any analysis is completed quickly.
  • Customer Engagement: Smart commitments are made to protect the interests of users. Build strong trust with everyone

Deliver network and content intelligently

  • Application Integration: Hundreds of applications in all different fields are integrated on one technology product. You can use one tool for many different utilities.
  • Business Productivity: High work efficiency leads to a sharp increase in productivity. There are not too many problems with the profession in all areas.
  • Virtual reality technology (AR and VR): Integrating smart technology on each product and service. It should come as no surprise that all services on Amazon Web Services are applied with next-generation intelligent technology. It is a particularly good support tool!
  • Machine Learning: Getting to know a variety of modern machines and technologies will help you grow.
  • Desktop and App Streaming: Extensive computer application system. You can unleash your creative learning.
  • Financial Services: Amazon Web Services guarantees users the lowest consumer fees. Provide financial recovery solutions. Especially in the fields of banking, payment, capital investment,…

Common benefits that services bring

  • Generating benefits for many people and businesses just starting out
  • A place to analyze and refer to market trends in the coming years
  • Provide many good solutions to financial problems

Creating an account to use Amazon web service will not be difficult

  • Powerful performance management and development tools
  • Cloud computing with great hosting, creating new value.
  • Easily integrate and develop in the middle market of the world.
  • Integrate many features and applications in a single tool
  • Using the most modern technologies of the new technology era
  • Easy to join and use

In particular, creating an account to use Amazon web service will not be difficult and completely free. You just need an Email (for confirmation) and a phone number to respond to some automatic requests from the system. It will only take you about 5 minutes to complete the account creation process.

Amazon Web Services embodies modern technology. It creates a lot of new value for its participants and uses. This is an integrated modern technology product. More than simply cloud computing and storage. Amazon Web Services provides users with the best value from the first moment of use.