Principles of good website design

Nowadays, a website is very important for any business. But you need to know the principles of good website design to ensure that your website helps improve your business. 

Website is one of the important parts of any business when eCommerce and technology are more and more developed. You need a good website design to ensure that website helps your business improved and has more profits. How to design a good website? If you want to do this, you have to know the principles of good website design. Here are such principles.

You design a website for what?

In other words, you need to understand your website’s purpose. What you offer on the website will receive better interaction from the users if your website has a clear intention. Each website has its own purpose. 

You need to know website’s purpose

However, we also have core purposes that are common to all websites. Here are they:

– Describe what you offer or expertise

– Build and improve your reputation. 

– Reach potential customers

– Sales products and after-care.

Website’s simplicity

It is not all the people who are ready to visit all parts/ pages on your website. They usually reach what they are finding. If your website design is so complicated, they have difficulty in finding it, they will leave it. Therefore a simple website is necessary. You should consider carefully about website’s color, type, and imagery to achieve simplicity. 

Website’ navigation

A website that possesses good navigation can keep the visitor in a longer time. One of the keys to having a good website design is to pay attention to navigation. Simple, intuitive, and consistent navigation is the best for the website and your business. 

The F-based pattern for website design

Do you know, when most people visit the website, the first part where they see is the top and left area of their screen. So, if you want your website to attract visitors, you should choose the F-based pattern for it. 

Visual hierarchy

A focal point has to be created on the website. What is the reason for this? When people click your website link and visit it, the focal point shows them where the most important is. They don’t have to spend so much time to find. So, a visual hierarchy is very essential for designing a website. Visual hierarchy is created based on color, imagery, contrast, style, texture, and many different factors.

Visual hierarchy – one of the factors that creates an effective website

Website’s content

Have you ever heard “ Content is king”? Yes, a website’s content is indispensable for any website. Great content and design are decisive factors for an effective website. Contents attract visitors and even influence their interaction on the website then make the conversion. 

Load time

How many times do your visitors wait to load your website? Many people care about patterns, content, websites grid, and something like that. They want to show a lot of information and whatever they want. But they don’t remember to optimize images, text. The result is your website loads slowly.

Most people have the intention to leave the website if they have to wait for loading the website within 3 minutes. They expect the waiting time is just less than 2 minutes. If your website loads slowly, it means you will lose visitors. 

A website with a mobile-friendly design

Nowadays mobile phones are a part of our life. Everyone uses a mobile phone. They sell and buy everything by using their phone. They find information what they need on the phone. They browse websites on the phone and other devices. Mobile phones offer many benefits for users. 

The website should be suitable with different devices

It leads to another problem when you design a website. The website should have another layout. This is a responsive layout that can adjust to different screens of different devices. If you don’t consider and do this, you lost many potential customers. 

Website’s grid

A pleasing website is created thanks to the grid. Website design and content that are organized and structured by the grid. When you see the website, you feel the balance. Visitors feel comfortable when they are interacting on your website. So, don’t forget the website’s grid if you want to have a good website design. 

Above are principles of good website design. If you are thinking about designing a website for your business, don’t forget our list. Surely, they will help you so much to access customers and develop your business.