Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: what do you know about this mobile?

If you belong to Samsung’s team, we are sure that you are waiting and excited for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Find out about this phone with us!.

Samsung smartphones are one of the two most popular brand names in the world now: Samsung & Apple with iPhone. Are you a fan of which brand name? Many people say that they usually choose the smartphone model Samsung. If you are a fan of Samsung, are you waiting with excitement for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3? Do you know any special features of this phone? Let find out!

When will Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 be released?

Certainly, you have been hearing about a new fold smartphone manufactured by Samsung for a long time – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Many people have been waiting for its launch. People believed that Samsung would introduce this product in January of this year in the Galaxy S21 launch. But they didn’t appear.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Then, we continued waiting in the unpacked event unveiling the mid-range Galaxy A522 which was organized this March. But we didn’t see anything related to the next big foldable phone by Samsung again. This made some people doubt. They are not sure about the time of launch. Some people were wondering if Samsung lets these phone models be out or not in this year 2021. 

It is not surprised when people are in doubt because the last version – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was released officially just in September 2020. So, it seems so soon to launch the next version.

One more reason is most of the issues on the original Galaxy Fold were repaired when they released Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. So, what is left to repair and improve for another version?

But there is a truth that Galaxy Z Fold 3 is in its development. And we will see it soon. They are likely to be the next top foldable phone by Samsung. Many technology lovers are surely crazy because of this version. 

All about the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

If you are thinking that nothing is left for Samsung to improve on the next Samsung smartphone, you are wrong. Foldable smartphones are still new. And you know, nothing can be perfect in their early days. Samsung still has to work out the issues of folding displays. Battery life, multi-screen software also need to be improved. Foldable smartphones in the future should be slimmer, lighter, and less cumbersome. They are issues that we hope to see when Galaxy Z Fold 3 is released. 

We continue waiting for the Galaxy Z Fold’s launch

Here is something new that we know about this next smartphone developed by Samsung:

They may be out in August of 2021. Being launched in the second half of the year is straightforward. Because Galaxy Z Fold 2 was released on the market last September. Some people have heard that Samsung started mass production of components for this phone this June.  One more piece of information helps us ensure that this smartphone model can’t be out before August is One UI 3.5. Galaxy Z Fold 3 is said to run this kind of software.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cost is expected to be similar to the  Fold 2. But some people think that it may be more expensive. But others suggest that it could be cheaper, even up to 20% cheaper than the previous version. The price might be like $1,600.

We haven’t had the official price of Galaxy Z Fold 3

And here is some features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that have been leaked. They have potential different capabilities and features. 

  • Some screen displays will be changed because S Pen may come to Galaxy Z Fold 3. These changes are needed to get stylus functionality with this pen. Switch screen technologies are changed to the active electrostatic solution. Register stylus input will be better with this. The ultra-thin glass’s thickness may be changed. It may be twice as thick as on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. 
  • There may have a combination between Z Fold 3 and Samsung Note series. And we will have a single productivity-focused phone line. 
  • An in-screen camera appears. This is a very special thing. If this kind of camera comes to Galaxy Z Fold 3, this phone becomes the first model that is equipped with a camera like that.
  • Fold 3 may have three cameras on its back and their shades are in black, silver, and green or beige.

What is your opinion on this next foldable smartphone developed by Samsung? Have you ever used any of their foldable phone? Do you like it or is there anything wrong with using it? Leave your comment below while we are waiting for Galaxy Z Fold 3.