The change of technology in the past 5 years

In the history of human development, people are always moving and constantly moving forward. Among the achievements that man has created is the emergence of technology.

The appearance of technology has changed the lives of not only some people, some countries but the whole world. So today let’s take a look back at the latest change that technology has brought to the world over the past 5 years! We can be sure that there are many interesting things waiting for you.

Mobile network upgraded from 3G network to 4G, 5G

The advent of 3G has ushered in a new era of calling, messaging, and internet connectivity for mobile devices. After a few years, 4G appeared and offers 10 times faster speeds than 3G networks, increasing download speeds from 1.5 Mbit/s to 15 Mbit/s. This appearance reduced the download time of an 800MB movie from 5 hours to 43 seconds.


The arrival of 4G has made a big change

It is also here that 4G becomes the underlying technology for a range of mobile applications that keep users away from the desktop and allow them to stream music and video, shop on e-commerce sites and use social networks. association, anytime, anywhere. Not stopping there, people are preparing to move towards 5G speed, let’s look forward to it in the near future!

Social media brings our lives online

In the age of the desktop, a social network is a diary of what happened in the past – a collection of experiences uploaded after the fact. However, when social media moved to smartphones, it became a channel for instant life experiences. And it’s not just individuals using these platforms anymore, companies, news organizations, and governments leverage them to communicate information quickly in real-time. When combining these different types of content, social media platforms become a one-stop-shop for information, capturing users’ attention and occupying a significant amount of their time. Advertisers have taken notice and continue to pour in their spend across social media platforms and search engines: in 2019, digital ad spending overtook advertising media spending as traditional as TV and radio.2

Electric vehicles (EVs) become competitive with internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs)

What has changed? Electric vehicles are beginning to pose a legitimate threat to ICE, especially in the luxury segment, as technology improvements that aid performance and falling battery costs expand the potential market. Bloomberg NEF estimates that lithium-ion battery prices have fallen about 90% over the course of the decade. Traditionally, batteries have accounted for more than 50% of the total cost of EVs, but in recent years, batteries have fallen by nearly 30%, allowing EVs to be sold at lower prices, in favor of mass adoption. Today, electric vehicles are close to the point of estimated cost parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

AI and Big Data have succeeded

Payments, social media views, online searches, and app usage all leave a far-reaching digital footprint, generating gigabytes of data for each user. With the advent of artificial intelligence algorithms, these large data sets are sifted to detect patterns and generate search engine optimization guidelines, targeting ads to individuals. or give real-time directions. As data has become more complete, AI has continued to learn and improve its capabilities. For example, in 2018, the language processing AI outperformed the top ones at Stanford in a reading and comprehension test.


Big data promises to guide your life

Data storage moved to the cloud

In the past, businesses and consumers stored data and software locally on desktop hard disks or distributed to on-premises servers. But as increasingly more complex data sets and faster network connections have facilitated rapid data transfers over the internet, on-premises storage and web-based software programs have become more desirable. For example, cloud-based storage offers easily expandable data capacity, while allowing for more flexible and remote access across a multitude of devices. Cloud computing enables companies to perform critical business functions, from accounting and HR management, through secure and streamlined digital environments. The software industry has also moved from physical CD-ROMs to a software-as-a-service business model, where companies collect subscriptions and can provide real-time software updates, remote access.

In fact, the emergence of technology gradually helps people save more labor. The information we have just shared about the impact of the public on the change of the world that we can easily see and easily predict the next trends in the future. Always follow and support us!