Tips for refreshing your website you should know

Taking care of and cleaning up the website design regularly is something that every business needs to do. They will give the website a fresh look, improve page loading speed and integrate many more utilities. When the website is refreshed, it will create excitement for users. And they will visit your website more often. Refreshing your website almost helps you change your entire website. It will help your website catch up with the trends and desires of users. And above all, a regularly maintained website is always changed and new, thereby attracting many participants. In this article we will give you some tips to refresh your website!

Read and proofread your website content

A year has passed, chances are your content is old and needs a refresh. So, have any members of your team changed? Do you still offer the same set of core services? Even if your company hasn’t undergone any major changes, change is necessary. It will ensure your website content is always in top shape. 

Check for any major errors and fix them 

I also recommend that you review your meta information and make sure that your site is properly connected to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Check for any major errors and fix them before the end of the year to give your site a better fresh start. 

Add new features

The hour by day development of technology will certainly lead to the introduction of many great features as well as new applications. It can be integrated into each website design to effectively support the promotion brand, serving business activities of enterprises. So how to update those features in the fastest way? This you can consult with website design experts or you can look at the websites of businesses and competitors to see what features their website has, good and from there. can be applied to your website.

Schedule marketing content

When you’re the company’s digital marketing manager, having a calendar will help keep your team on track

This is a bit difficult because creating a content calendar is not easy. When you’re the company’s digital marketing manager, having a calendar will help keep your team on track. Add things like major events (like trade shows or annual meetings) and put relevant content around those events. 

Content can include blog posts, infographics, email newsletters, and social media posts. You don’t need to dive into the date/time of the post or have a guide on what the content might look like which is definitely helpful. 

Update more visual, vivid images

One of the points that always attract the attention of customers is the image system right on the homepage. So never skimp on presenting beautiful, true, sharp images. Take care and make them fresh at any time. Do not let customers have to see the images that are too old all year round. Create an image slider on the homepage of about 2-3 photos and regularly change them to suit the business season. You will surely create inspiration and excitement for each customer when visiting.

Regular news updates

The fact that you only focus on updating images and ignoring news will be a huge omission. Create a Blog or news section and regularly update them to bring customers the most useful and interesting information related to products and services as well as your own business. Businesses especially need to remember that never let website content become empty for a month because then no one will remember you. 

If your website does not have a mobile version, immediately add and optimize it to increase traffic from users

Update mobile version for website

Don’t forget to design Responsive for your business website, always make sure the mobile version is synchronized and fully updated with all the same information as the website when accessed on a laptop. If your website does not have a mobile version, immediately add and optimize it to increase traffic from users. 

Neat and uncluttered

Refreshing your business’s website is like cleaning your physical store. It will be more organized, neat and fresh when you clean it regularly. 

Refreshing your website can make it more fresh and interesting. There can be many things to refresh a website but above are some tips that we share with you. Hope they bring you a productive website!