Top 9 best technology inventions of all time

Technological inventions, especially in the field of information technology, have made our lives better. Here are the best tech inventions of all time you should know.

Since the modern era began about 200,000 years ago, the world has seen many inventions and improvements. From rudimentary developments like the wheel and paper to today’s high-tech gadgets, there’s certainly no shortage of impressive inventions that have changed the way we live and work. In modern times, several technological devices have become indispensable in daily life. Join us to discover the 10 greatest technology inventions of all time through the article below.

Mobile phone

Communication is the key to success. Today’s mobile phones make communication faster and easier. According to a professional website, at the end of 2011, Nielsen estimated that one in two people in the US owned a smartphone. These smartphones are not only useful for making calls, but also for accessing computers right at your fingertips.

The mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Before the arrival of microwave ovens in the late 1940s, people still had to deal with heating food. This invention is a device that changes everything in food preparation. Microwaves not only modernize the way we eat, but also make meals more convenient and quick. It only takes a few seconds to a few minutes, your food will be hot and delicious.

GPS Positioning

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, GPS was developed in 1978 by the US military. Thanks to GPS, we don’t get lost. It is the global positioning system. Its structure is the integration of everything related to high information technology. In the US, half of the people carry a smartphone with GPS apps. 

Video conferencing

Video conferencing doesn’t seem like such a big deal in today’s technology-saturated world. However, this idea is exactly like science fiction 100 years ago. Nowadays, talking face to face without meeting in person has become normal for everyone. With just two, three clicks through digital cameras on computers or smartphones with an Internet connection, people can chat and see each other.

Video conferencing brings people closer together.

Personal computer

One of the greatest inventions of information technology is the personal computer. Popular Mechanics magazine said the first computer was invented in 1947. It had a huge weight of up to 30 tons. Although it is an extraordinary device, it is too big to put in the house. The invention of the personal computer (PC) in the 1970s created a revolution in information technology worldwide.

Digital music

Music has been around the world for thousands of years. However, digital music has improved sound quality and shareability. Digital music also cuts down on waste. After the advent of digital music, CDs and cassettes became obsolete.

Computer mouse

The computer mouse is one of the coolest technologies of our time. However, few people know about this fact. Back in the days when computers were originally the size of a house, they could only be manipulated with hundreds of tiny buttons and sliders.

The computer mouse is one of the coolest technologies of our time

According to The Independent, the computer mouse is named because it has a round shape and tail like a real mouse. It was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart – a radar technician at Stanford Research Institute.


Compared to inventions that have been around for hundreds of years  (microscopes or telescopes), the Internet is still in its infancy. However, the Internet is said to have changed the world more than most other inventions. The Internet was invented in the late 60s and has been in use since the 90s. Since then, it has improved communication, information dissemination, and changed the daily lives of almost everyone on earth.

Remote control device

Like microwave ovens, humans can still survive without a remote control device. But surely this is a convenient device for everyone. According to Popular Mechanics, the remote control was invented in 1955. Although we don’t pay much attention to it today, the way this wireless device helps us change TV channels or run slideshows without leaving our seats is truly impressive.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras are loved by many because they help capture emotional moments and adventures. Cameras also play a vital role in disseminating news and recording what’s going on in general.

While film cameras paved the way for the advent of digital cameras. Today’s high-tech cameras and built-in phones eliminate lengthy processing times and enable instant image sharing.

Above are the most useful and greatest technology inventions of all time. We hope that you will enjoy this article.