Top coolest technology gadgets that you must have

Tech gadgets have a lot of fascinating features. The following article will provide information about 10 super cool technology gadgets that many people love.


Smartphones help people communicate, work, connect and update news. There are many phone brands, as well as a lot of price segments. There are some big-name representatives in the market such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi.

Phones are the insured technology device of each person

But in general, every smartphone has all the essential features that people often use. It is an internet connection, taking photos, filming, listening to calls, installing applications for work and entertainment. Because of many important features like this, smartphones are both technology gadgets and essential devices for many people.

Wireless mouse

Unlike Bluetooth keyboards, wireless Bluetooth mice are usually a lot cheaper. It even has the same price as regular wired mice.

All it takes is a mini receiver plugged into your computer’s USB port, and your desktop will be free of tangled wires. Moreover, you can also control the computer remotely because it is very responsive, compact, and very handy. You can easily buy a laptop wireless mouse at physical stores or online stores.

Bluetooth keyboard

If you are looking for a cheap Bluetooth keyboard for your computer or iPad, the Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard is a great choice. It costs less than $18 on Amazon. This wireless keyboard is highly appreciated because of its compact, sturdy, and responsive design. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard can be compatible with a variety of computers, laptops, and tablets

Bluetooth keyboard for your computer or iPad

Backup phone charger

Smartphones have improved a lot in terms of battery quality in recent times. However, most of these mobile devices still cannot meet the needs of users. Specifically for those who often travel for business with long flights. Gamers who play online games on smartphones also need this technology gadget.

On the market today, there are many types of power banks with different battery capacities.

Jackery Power Bank for less than 17 USD is one of the cheap, good-quality devices. It is a suitable choice for both iPhone or Android phone users.

A special feature of the power bank on the market today is the integration of many USB ports. The aim is to allow multiple devices to charge at the same time and speed up the charging time.

Headphones (Bluetooth headset, wired headset)

Sure, this is a great technology gadget that should not be missing in your tech group. For those who have a hobby of listening to music and audiophiles, headphones are indispensable. When you want to answer the phone in the middle of a crowd, you want to watch a movie on the bus or play a game in public, you need a headset! Currently, Apple has launched the Airpod product line. This type of wireless headset is compact, convenient, fashionable, and stylish.

Airpod is a modern and trendy gadget.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are not necessarily an essential piece of equipment, but they are also quite familiar devices for tech people. In particular, it’s born to young people who are passionate about sound and like to participate in group activities. Camps, outings will be lacking in the atmosphere without a Bluetooth speaker that plays music.

In particular, this speaker will bring better sound than phone speakers or headphones.

Multi-port universal charger

With just one charger, you can charge five different devices at the same time. If you use many different devices simultaneously from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, the universal charger will be the solution for you.

Just this one charger, your whole family will not need to carry too many chargers if going out, especially suitable for use in the car.

Multi-port charging is convenient and useful.

Cases for smartphones

For smartphone users, protective cases are an indispensable gadget. It has three main features: minimizing scratch construction, minimizing the possibility of breakage when falling along, and creating roughness to make it easier to hold the phone. On the other hand, it is also a gadget that decorates the appearance of the phone and shows its owner’s personality.

Above are the cool technology gadgets that you should own. They’re all very interesting. If you have the opportunity, experience it now!